Protection Technology

Only with a well-founded risk assessment can the required safety and the corresponding protective measures be ensured.
The protection of people, goods, functions and the environment is the focus of our efforts. In addition to the protection against gravitational natural hazards (flood, debris, landslides and avalanches), we are dealing with human active dangers, e.g. Sabotage, terrorism and armed conflicts.
We process the entire risk process from the definition of the hazard to the determination of the occurrence probabilities and the resulting risks. Risk analysis, risk planning and implementation as well as controlling are carried out in close cooperation with our customers. Deepened know-how is available to our customers in the following areas.

Risk management:

- Hazard analyzes and determination of possible occurrence of natural hazards and human hazards
- Risk assessment and safety advice
- Protection concepts with action planning for all project phases
- Protection against weapons impact
- Constructional protection against weapons for whole systems and individual objects against sabotage, terror and armed conflicts
- Solution concepts, planning to implement protective measures against effects of shock and pressure from impact of various weapons
- Instructions for the construction, operation, maintenance and liquidation of protective structures

Protection against gravitational hazards:

- Questions in the field of water management
- Revitalization studies of streams and rivers
- Planning and realization of flood protection measures
- Recording and measurement of slope slides
- Planning and implementation of slope protection measures

Balz Cavelti
Division Manager Risk Management / Protection Technology

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