Specialist Civil Engineering

The special deep building division comprises special areas of civil engineering. These special buildings are hardly ever perceived, but are essential for the safe functioning of our society. Planning and realization of special deep structures requires interdisciplinary action based on sound analyzes and great know-how.

In addition to railway technology - in particular the fixed carriageway - we are also working on earthquake, construction dynamics and flight operations. In addition, we have proven competence in the areas of geotechnical engineering, in particular support structures and structures in and around the water. The area is complemented by know-how in the area of overburdened buildings.

Thanks to the proven project management experience, we are able to work out the best solutions for our customers in the following areas:

- Railway projects / railway technology
- Fixed track (gravel-free track surface) in tunnels and on bridges
- Vibration and body-borne noise protection in railway construction using mass-spring systems
- Supporting structures and slope slides (roads, railways, buildings, etc.) including building supervision
- Building protection and excavation
- Support structures on or in the water
- Company owned condition with divers
- Earthquake analyzes of existing buildings, elaboration of earthquake control measures
- Vibration and vibration measurements with action plannin
- Underground buildings

Tobias Gerber
Civil Engineer FH
Division Manager: Civil and Special Civil Engineering

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