Transportation / Civil Engineering

Transport infrastructures are the pulsating lifelines of our modern society. Designing of roads and railways and their maintenance require interdisciplinary actions. Especially when building under operation requires proven abilities, which Heierli AG can provide.

Our business division Traffic & Civil Underground provides, from strategic planning and preliminary studies, preparation and construction projects, procurement and the actual implementation, including construction management, all phases of civil engineering.

The focus is on large-scale infrastructure projects such as national and cantonal road construction or regional road-rail projects. We also have great competencies in municipal civil engineering, the maintenance of infrastructure, including consultancy services.

Due to many years of experience, we have proven competence in the areas of:

- Projectmanagement of civil engineering projects
- Design and realization of roads with highways standards
- Design and realization of roads with canton standards
- Design and realization of roads with municipal standards
- Project planning and realization of works in the inner city, but also along motorways
- Maintenance and renewal of infrastructure, especially roads and bridges
- Design and realization of noise protection measures
- Dimensioning of the road superstructure and coating
- Hydraulically bound bearing layers
- Test engineer tasks in road construction and civil engineering
- Expertise in road construction and civil engineering



Gregor Tschirky
Bachelor of Science FH in Civil Engineering
Business field: Transportation / Civil Engineering - Project planning

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