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Heierli Consulting Engineers (Ingenieurbureau Heierli AG) was founded in 1957 in Zurich, Switzerland, and has operated as a private limited company since 1975.

In 2001, Heierli Consulting Engineers came under the ownership of IBH-Group Holding AG within the framework of a management buyout. This holding company is under full ownership of the staff of Heierli Consulting Engineers, with the share majority being held by management.

At its Zurich headquarters and various site offices, Heierli Consulting Engineers employs a staff of approximately 40 engineers, site supervisors, technicians, draughtsmen, administrative personnel and apprentices.

Services provided include project planning and design, expert appraisals, construction management and consulting in civil, structural and protective engineering and associated specialist fields.

Heierli Consulting Engineers has four divisions of business activity, which are complemented by operational management and the administrative department:

    • Transportation and Civil Engineering

    • Structural Engineering

    • Specialist Civil Engineering

    • Protection Technology

As an independent company – active both in Switzerland and internationally – Heierli Consulting Engineers is able to fulfil the high expectations of its clients impartially and without prejudice. Prime importance is thereby placed on the identification and development of comprehensive solutions that are optimal in both technical and economic terms.

Long-term, sustained services are guaranteed through the stable size of the company, a clear mission statement, a solid financial basis, as well as work processes certified according to the ISO 9001 code.


Ingenieurbureau Heierli AG
Culmannstrasse 56
CH - 8006 Zürich

Tel +41 (0)44 360 31 11
Fax +41 (0)44 360 31 00
E-Mail: inbox@heierli.ch

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