IBH-Group Holding AG

IBH-Group Holding AG, a company registered in Zug, Switzerland, was founded in December 2001. The purpose of the company is to hold and administer its various companies. The IBH-Group Holding AG carries out all the business typical of a holding company, including giving significant advisory and financial expertise to the member companies.

The IBH-Group Holding AG is fully owned by the staff of Heierli Consulting Engineers, which was integrated into the Holding company within the framework of a management buy-out. Heierli Consulting Engineers (S) Pte, Ltd., located in Singapore, was also integrated into the IBH-Group Holding. All shares of these companies are in the ownership of IBH-Group Holding AG.

Address of the IBH Group Holding AG: 

IBH-Group Holding AG, Culmannstrasse 56, CH-8006 Zürich


Ingenieurbureau Heierli AG
Culmannstrasse 56
CH - 8006 Zürich

Tel +41 (0)44 360 31 11
Fax +41 (0)44 360 31 00
E-Mail: inbox@heierli.ch

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